Henry the Fiddler's Playlist for Pioneer Valley Fiddlers (PVF)

Created: May 14, 2016
Last updated: May 14, 2016

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I created this list so Chris, Robin and the fiddlers can see what I've done in the past and think about what you'd like me to include in my show and workshop(s).  This is a combination of audio and video.  Please watch and listen and make notes about things you really like and also the things that you don't think would be of interest to your group.  Since there's many hours here I suggest skipping thru these quickly, especially the long ones.  You can usually get the gist or feel of a selection in 15 to 30 seconds.  That way you should be able to take in much more than if you listen to every minute.  I've listed these somewhat in the order that might be of most interest but feel free to skip around.

This is just a small sampling of what I know and can teach, but my best material is here, especially for the show.  When it comes to what I call "licks, tricks and techniques", if you watch or listen to everything here many of them will show up somewhere along the way.  If you hear a specific tune, lick, trick or technique you want me to teach, please make a note of the file (or link) and the time in that file where it starts to the nearest second if possible (ie. 04:38).  Or at least make good notes so we can pull it up quickly during a workshop or lesson.

Any of you who look at these should make notes or email me immediately (henry@htfiddler.net) with your feedback.  What do you like?  What should we skip?  What specific timings in the files do you want me to teach?  Also let me know right away about any broken or problem links!

My best show ever was in an RV park in Texas for Valentines Day, 1995.  Bear in mind this show was targeted for seniors and is strictly for entertainment rather than fiddling.  This is a wmv video and probably won't stream.  Download and play it with Windows Media Player.  Runs 78 minutes, 425 megs.
Fun N Sun Show, Feb, 14, 1995

My only house concert was in Florida in 2004.  This was for a regular house concert series and is for all ages with an emphasis on playing many styles of music for a discerning arts loving audience.  The audio quality is slightly distorted but acceptable.  This is audio only running 115 minutes, 4 mp3's, about 80 megs total.  These files can be streamed or downloaded to play later.  To download, just right click and save as.  You'll have to download each file individually.
House Concert, Florida, 2004, 1 of 4, 30 minutes, 22 megs
House Concert, Florida, 2004, 2 of 4, 30 minutes, 22 megs
House Concert, Florida, 2004, 3 of 4, 30 minutes, 22 megs
House Concert, Florida, 2004, 4 of 4, 15 minutes, 13 megs

These are my 2 full length albums (audio).  Listen to individual tunes or download and put on a player or phone.

My first album from 1977, 43 minutes, 12 mp3's, 51 megs.
The First Album

My second album from 1991, all twin fiddling.  51 minutes, 16 mp3's, 66 megs.
Twin Fiddle Favorites

These are bonus tracks (mp3) from my friend Brian Clancy's albums which I played on.

Dancing Bear & Tarbolton Reel

Fisher's Hornpipe, Morpeth Rant & Nine Points of Roguery

This is the video section with YouTube and Facebook videos.  There are dozens of videos  that have been uploaded to my YouTube channel, my Facebook page, Robin's YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Some have been uploaded by others.  This is a list of the best videos that either have good material for the show or contain material that the fiddlers might want to learn.  If you want to download any of these, the best downloader I've found that doesn't balk on YouTubes is Video Downloader Ultimate.

Listen to the Mockingbird.  This is my classic signature show tune and there are now 3 good YouTubes of it.  I don't know which one is the best so please let me know which is your favorite!
Mockingbird, Tucson, 2013
Mockingbird, Yuma, 2016
Mockingbird, Safford, 2016

These three are short one minute videos.  Video quality is low but the audio is good.
Henry the Fiddler Plays Little Beggarman, aka Red Haired Boy
Henry the Fiddler Plays Mason's Apron
Henry the Fiddler Plays Tarbolton Reel

Malaguena.  Another signature tune which I adapted from classical guitar to the violin.
Henry the Fiddler Plays Malaguena, Safford, 2013

Redwing and Ashokan Farewell with Andrew Wilson
Henry the Fiddler & Andrew Wilson Play Redwing and Ashokan Farewell, Twin Fiddles, Tucson, 2013

William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger Theme).  Signature show tune, trick and fancy in the contests.
Henry the Fiddler ~ Ajo Fiddle Contest, 2014 ~ 1st Place ~ Hot Fiddle ~ The Lone Ranger ~ Hi Ho Silver

Medley of 4 classic tunes: Ragtime Annie, Liberty, Soldier's Joy, Mississippi Sawyer
Henry the Fiddler in Union Grove, NC, 2012

Medley of Lee Highway Blues, Sweet Georgia Brown, Orange Blossom Special, Cherokee Shuffle, Soldier's Joy and Liberty
Show Your Stuff Winner Henry the Fiddler ~ Round 1 ~ 2016 Safford Fiddle Contest

Medley of Bei Mir Bist du Schoen, Roly Poly, Mason's Apron, Cold Frosty Morn and Down Yonder
Show Your Stuff Winner Henry the Fiddler ~ Round 2 ~ 2016 Safford Fiddle Contest

Medley of 10 tunes:
1. Midnight on the Water
2. Soldier's Joy
3. Roly Poly
4. Cold Frosty Morn
5. Diggy Liggy Lo
6, Milk Cow Blues
7. Mason's Apron
8. Bei Mir Bist du Schoen
9. Big John McNeil
10. Sweet Georgia Brown
Show Your Stuff, Henry the Fiddler ~ Safford, 2015 ~ Trip Around the World

Fiddle Yodel, My adaptation of the classic yodel song "He Taught Me How To Yodel" to the fiddle
Fiddle Yodel ~ Trick & Fancy Winner ~ Henry The Fiddler ~ 2016 Safford Fiddle Contest

Medley of Arkansas Traveller, Westphalia Waltz and Whistling Rufus
Henry The Fiddler ~ Grand Champion Round ~ Ajo Fiddle Contest ~ Feb 2014

Jesse Polka, the classic Mexican tune "Jesusita en Chihuahua", often used as a tune of choice in fiddle contests (on Facebook)
Henry the Fiddler playing at the Yuma Fiddle contest, Sunday, Jan.12, 2014

Medley of Arkansas Traveller, Westphalia Waltz and Sweet Georgia Brown
Henry the Fiddler ~ Senior Division ~ Weiser National Fiddle Contest 2011

Colored Aristocracy, classic Appalachian tune with guitar and banjo
Colored Aristocracy at Colorado Music Festival, 2014

Medley of Georgia Camp Meeting & Banjo Tramp
Georgia Camp Meeting & Banjo Tramp, Fiddle Medley, Henry the Fiddler, Starr McMullen, Frank Moore, Ajo, AZ, 2016

Cajun Fiddle, classic Cajun fiddle tune used as background in a zany film clip I was featured in while touring Russia in 2011
Henry The Fiddler and Old Horned Sheep in Russia

In this section I've provided links to several lists of videos.  All the videos listed above will also appear somewhere in these lists.

Henry's YouTube channel, htfiddler, about 25 videos

Henry's Facebook videos, about 30 videos

Vi Wickam's "Henry the Fiddler Playlist" on YouTube with 27 videos

YouTube search: "Henry the Fiddler", oodles of videos here ... the kitchen sink!