List of Rainbow Gatherings Worldwide

I am hosting this list temporarily since it was removed from Wikipedia in April, 2016 due to lack of citations.  This is a place to list national and international Rainbow Gatherings ... not regionals.  To update this list please contact me at

United States annual gatherings

European gatherings

Impromptu art at the Rainbow World Gathering 2004 in Costa Rica. This is reminiscent of a "duck" style trail marker in which stones are stacked to mark a hiking trail. Similar to "duck" trail markers are cairns, which generally represent landmarks.
Our Tradition at Rainbow Gathering Borneo, Indonesia

Gatherings in other countries

  • 1995 County Clare, Ireland (Moved To Lough Gur, County Limerick after a week after pressure from locals)
  • 2009 India, Himalayas, Taiwan
  • 2010 Belarus
  • 2010 Moldova
  • 2010 Taiwan
  • 2010 Slovakia
  • 2010 Czech Republic
  • 2010 Portugal
  • 2009 Lithuania
  • 2010 Lithuania
  • 2011 Lithuania
  • 2011 Croatia (Eko-village Blatuša)
  • 2011 Indonesia
  • 2012 Lithuania
  • 2013 Lithuania, India
  • 2014 Turkey
  • 2015 Stara Planina, Serbia
  • 2014 Indonesia (Borneo)
  • 2015 Aotearoa/New Zealand (Tuateawa,Coromandel Peninsula and Karamea,West Coast.) Sources: Rainbow Family Aotearoa Facebook page ; Te Whanau Uenuku - Rainbow Family of Aotearoa/ New Zealand Co-activate site.
Full Moon Circle at the Rainbow Gathering Borneo, Indonesia

World gatherings

At the Rainbow World Gathering 2004 in Costa Rica

Balkan gatherings