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This is the info for the regular Wed night jam session normally held at Jeff Haemer's house.  Due to flooding at Jeff's we are moving the jam for Wed, Sep 18th to an alternate location.  Please stay tuned to this page at:

for last minute changes.  We have been trying to move to a shelter to play for flood victims however at this moment that is not coming together, mostly because of endless bureaucracy.  Sorry about that folks!  We are indeed going to be at Paul Muhlrad's house in Louisville.  Paul's email is  For details please refer to the email Paul sent out this past Sunday, Sep 15th.  You can also call me at 303-910-0194.

As for the shelters, here's what's happening.  The Y at 28th and Mapleton is closing down.  The Coors Event Center on campus has a Red Cross site with about 50 folks.  They (meaning the Red Cross and the evacuees) would LOVE to have us but the Campus Police and CU bureaucracy cannot get their shit together to give us the green light.  It's a long story that I'm not going to go into here.  That situation might change as we approach 7:00 PM.  If it does and they invite us to come over we can all caravan over from Paul's house and leave a note on his door.  Or, you can call my mobil (303-910-0194) and I'll give you the word.  But at this moment I don't expect it will happen.  We will probably just be at Paul's in Louisville.

Bob O'Reilly and I are heading right now to Longmont to the Life Bridge Church which has a couple hundred evacuees from the Lyons area and just play some tunes up there.  I know it's a long way to go for most of you but if they get down on their hands and knees and beg us to come tonight I'll update this page and we can see if we can pull it off.

As for media coverage, KGNU has expressed interest and I suppose if they want to come over to Paul's we will be happy to play them some tunes and talk to them, eh?  Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

Henry the Fiddler <>
303-910-0194, mobil

P.S. Here's a press release you can pass on.  I've already sent it to major media outlets but if any of you have an "inside contact" please pass it on.

Contact: Henry Fiddler                                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 303-910-0194


Date: Wednesday, Sep 18
Time:  7 to 10 PM
Place: shelter location TBA at

Every Wednesday evening for the past 35 years Jeff Haemer has hosted a jam session in his Boulder home for anyone who cares to come by to play a few tunes.  Typically this means a room full of fiddlers, banjo and guitar players, and the occasional spoon or penny whistle player.  The musicians call their music "old-timey" but others might just call it bluegrass or square dance music.  It's mostly instrumental, acoustic and has one heck of a beat you can't help but clap your hands or tap your toes to.  Some people can hardly keep from dancing, in fact many of the musicians often play for dances too.

This Wednesday is going to be a little different due to the fact that Jeff's house in Table Mesa got flooded and the group is having to relocate for the evening.  One of the jammers is a fellow named Henry the Fiddler who did relief work in the soup kitchens and shelters around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  He says it was one of the greatest experiences of his life.  Henry thought, "Wow this is a great opportunity.  We need to find a shelter with flood victims and move our jam session there!"  And so, the group plans to arrive around 7 PM at

[shelter location TBA at],

tune up and share the music and fun with the shelter residents.  Anyone in the area who would like to stop by with their acoustic instrument is welcome to join in.

With a little bit of luck Jeff's home will be dried out by next Wednesday and the musicians will return there.  But who knows?  They might have so much fun at the shelter that they'll do it again if the need is still there!

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If you'd like more info about this, or to schedule an interview with Henry, please call 303-910-0194 or email Henry Fiddler <>