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Recordings, Overview & History

Claudia's 50th birthday party, Boulder, Colorado, 2001
Claudia's 50th birthday party, Boulder, Colorado, 2001

Welcome to the home of my albums on the web.  On this page you will find technical details on how to listen, download and save these recordings to your hard drive.  Below that, learn about the history of these albums from 1977 to present.
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Table of Contents

Recordings, Technical Overview Recordings, History

Recordings, Technical Overview

  • Computerphobic??  What to do?

  • -
    If you don't have computer access, can't make CD's, have a slow Internet connection, don't want to bother, or you just plain old hate computers, you can order whatever you need by mail!

    This service is being provided by Doug Travers at LuvSounders Productions in Tampa, Florida.  Doug will mail you a custom CD with whatever cuts you want!  Reasonable charges will apply.  You might also check with your friends and relatives.  Many people now have the ability to download and burn CD's.   [back]

  • MP3, 96 Kbps, high quality audio files here

  • -
    These audio files were created from archival copies of my albums, which were originally released on vinyl and cassette.  They are large files, from 2 to 5 megabytes.  A high speed Internet connection is recommended.

    Unlike other audio sites that give you a 15 to 30 second low quality sample, I am providing the full unabridged cuts with high quality. You don't have to come back a second time to get the real thing!  With a cable modem, DSL or T1 connection you should be able to download and save a single audio file in a minute or two.  You can use a 56k connection, but these large files will take a long time to download.  As an alternative, just listen to the beginning of the files, and then order a CD from Doug with the cuts you want.

    Since these are archival recordings, they are not CD quality.  However, they are in stereo and the quality will be very good if you listen over headphones or an external sound system.  Just run a patch cord out from the stereo headphones jack of your computer sound card.  Or, you may burn a CD with your favorites and listen on your CD or MP3 player.   [back]

  • MP3 players, where to get 'em

  • -
    Almost all modern computers come with audio players capable of playing these MP3 files.  Just follow instructions below. 

     If for any reason, these MP3's don't play, you may need to download and install MP3 player software.  Here are 3 of the most popular players:

    Windows Media Player

  • How to pay for these recordings

  • -
    You are on your honor to pay for any recordings you download from this website.  For full details, click here:

     Paying for Recordings, On Your Honor

  • Help save my bandwidth charges!

  • -
    Please help keep my expenses down!  If you hear something you like and might want to hear again, download and save it to your hard drive.

    Whether you play (stream) these MP3's or download them and listen later, I have to pay my hosting service for the bandwidth you use.  So listen to 30 to 60 seconds of each cut you're interested in.  At most, listen just one time through the cut in full.  Then, if you might like to listen again, please download and save it to your hard drive.  Instructions follow.   [back]

  • How to download and save recordings

  • -
    Click the right button on your mouse.  You will see a context menu pop up.  Click on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to download the MP3 file to your hard drive.

    A standard Windows Save As dialog will pop up.  You can choose a folder to save the file to, and optionally rename it.  After you click Save the file will download.  Download time will depend on your connection speed, computer speed and whether you previously listened to the file (it might be in your browser's cache).  At 56k, download times will be substantial.

    If you have a single button mouse, press and hold the mouse button for a few seconds.  The context menu should pop up.   [back]

  • How much room will these files take up on my hard drive?

  • -
    The files are each 2 to 5 megs.  If you want to save all the files, they will take about 80 megs.   [back]
  • How to view the original album graphics

  • -
    The original album covers, including all original graphics have been scanned and put on this website.  They are large JPEG images.

    These images were scanned at high resolution to make them easy to read.  They are rather large files, so I moved them to their own separate page: Recordings, Scans   [back]

  • Special bonus: MPEG videos!

  • -
    There are some one minute videos at the bottom of the Other Recordings page.  Check 'em out!

    These work just like the MP3's.  You should already have a player.  You can save them to your hard drive by right clicking.  Once again, if you want to listen more than once be sure to save these files, to keep my bandwidth usage down.   [back]

Recordings, History

  • Why I never released CD's, and may never do so

  • -
    In 1997 I took a break from active touring, and stopped making products at that time.

    During the mid-90's, much of my target audiences were senior citizens, who didn't own CD players.  Since there was little demand, I never issued CD's.  After 1997, my environmental concerns (see my Solution Box site) discouraged me from making more plastic products.  Soon after that I discovered the relatively compact MP3 sound file format.  I realized that someday, I would be able to reissue my albums on the Internet, but several years elapsed before the right opportunity arose.   [back]

  • Opportunity knocks in Tampa, Florida, February, 2004

  • -
    My travels brought me to the home of Doug Travers and Ellie Daulton in Lutz, Florida, near Tampa.  They operate a digital recording studio, LuvSounders Productions.

    I had met Doug 32 years earlier at the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention in North Carolina.  When I came to Florida for the winter of 2004, we were reconnected.  Doug and Ellie also host the Under the Oaks House Concerts series, and I put on a show there.  When we scheduled the show, I realized I didn't have the customary plastic albums to sell.  What to do?

    In 2004, music distribution is moving away from plastic product, toward individual song sales over the Internet.  With easy access to LuvSounders, I realized this was the perfect time and opportunity to go MP3 digital and offer my albums here on the web!   [back]

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